The First Vietnam Memorial In America and Box Light Films Is Telling The Story!

Quiz time…Do you know where the first Vietnam Memorial in America was built and when? Think it’s the wall in DC? We sure did. Actually, we were certainly surprised to find out that the first Vietnam Memorial was right in our back yard…so to speak. Actually, it’s about 152 miles North of Albuquerque in a sleepy little ski town known as Angel Fire, New Mexico. The Peace and Brotherhood Chapel was designed and commissioned in 1968 and formally dedicated in May of 1971. This memorial was birthed from the loss of Victor David Westphall, who died in the ambush at Con Thien in May of 68. David’s Father and mother, Doctor Victor and Jeanne Westphall were the pioneers and used David’s G.I. Insurance funds to begin the building of the chapel. This 73 minute documentary, tells the story of David’s time in Vietnam, America’s involvement in and controversies with the war and how David’s parents were able to build such a memorial during the most controversial time of the war. The film touches on the unique and ironic symbolism of the chapel and location and how this amazing memorial brought and is continuing to bring healing and peace to so many hurting Veterans. Box Light Films has been busy these past two years working on this important film. We were commissioned to produce, film and edit this documentary and we are proud to share the release of “The Place Of Angels” Vietnam Veterans Memorial, with you in a few weeks. Stay Tuned!

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