Unboxing Ourselves-Commercial Films and Documentary Stories…it’s what we do!

Well, we didn’t want to put our own selves in a box, since what we are all about is unboxing story, potential and branding! So if this is what we do then we wanted to be sure that we apply this mind set to ourselves as well. As you browse through our past work, you may notice that it is mainly comprised of commercial and corporate films. So then, where do documentaries fit in? Well, just as we are constantly expanding our reach and diving deeper into stories that inspire, motivate and bring about change, we continue to seek out opportunities and partner with individuals, organizations and corporations who want the same. To date, we have three documentaries currently in production. The first two, “Place Of Angels”, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and “Wells For Life” India Project. Our third documentary is fresh in Pre-Production and will be focusing on the Black Panther Party. Controversial right?…not the story we will be telling. This film aims to cover the positive contributions that most people, including ourselves, know little about. Stay tuned as we begin production on this one and follow along as we document our filmmaking process. And as always, if you have a burning story to tell, reach out to us as we’d be honored to partner and walk this journey with you!

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